Fly With You - Across to The Zumurud

September 7, 2017


We are very grateful that our products was chosen as The Zumurud's clubhouse decoration. We specially added Zumurud's logo flag on the balloon which looks like the bunnies were heading an adventure to The Zumurud.


Importantly, since client required Fly With You to be hanged on the ceiling, which initiated us to build a solution and to twist the led light up-side-down, so we could hide the power bank inside the lantern; while the old version wasn't design as this. haha :P


Craftsmanship . Combine of Flower & Craft


Our team enjoys combining flower and craft in order to design remarkable gifts that everyone will remember. In Fly With You, our designers carefully managed each flower piece by piece, skillfully turned a palm-size flower basket into a hot-air balloon flower set that will shine on every table.


Life Pilot . Shine At Night


You may switch on Fly With You during night time. A dreamy and beautiful light decor that warms everyone's heart. Bunny symobolizes a sound navigator, owns the perceptions to pilot through the darkness, giving us confidence to "hop to" in any situation



. . .

I granted the name "Fly With You" in remembrance of my friendship with my besties. We grew up together, and we will get old together. Thank you for joining my life.





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Fly With You - Across to The Zumurud

September 7, 2017

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May 18, 2017

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