Stamps of Love - Conrad Hotel

June 29, 2017


We had an enjoyable crafting Sunday with Conrad Hong Kong's guests on Father's Day! We used stamps to decorate a card. Every guests would have to choose an alphabet in this card, and this letter actually symbolizes how the kids or guests described their dad. For example, B for Best, S for Super, C for Cool, ... H for Handsome etc.


In order to prepare this event, our illustrator designed the icons, then we transferred these icon designs onto the rubber layers and further took them to carve accordingly. Comparing to wood carve, this rubber carving was actually fun and easy. Hence, we are already planning to host  rubber carve workshop soon. Stay tuned ! 


Meanwhile, these kids also showcased their talents in drawings as well! You may see random figures on their cards, yet they were drawing big stories to tell how great their father is. Hence, hope every parents will treasure these cards as these drawings witness the great love between you and your kids. 


Hanging out with the kids was the best part in the project as usual. I remember Sophie was telling me that she was drawing a daddy bird, while this bird was flying back to the nest to feed the babies. Meanwhile under her tree, there were her, her little sister with 2 pony tails, and her dad. Mom wasn't in the picture because she was in charge of holding the camera to take this photo for them. 


Another cute note was, a boy he insisted to write "Happy Mother's Day", we could definitely feel how much he loves his mom, yet we convinced him to put "Happy Mother Father's Day"instead. 


In all these crafting events with kids,  you mostly want them to achieve some kinds of art projects. However, we see it is more important to have good interaction with them, so they will feel appreciated and open-up themselves and further share their actual feelings to you like friends. Our crafting events are not homework, we prefer the kids and guests to enjoy the process,  enjoy WeMakeGift, and to enjoy life. 







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