Our Blooming Farm

April 5, 2017


We have been growing our succulents for months, and FINALLY FINALLY the succulent-babies bloom in this Spring! Our farm, although is small and hidden, is well-know among our neighbours (blink). Today, one of our neighbours, he even asked "for advices", as his adopted succulent seems dying. It was truly a moment to feel like, ... we have turned to become experts! ...... Oh well, actually we are still getting to know these succulents better (always trying to be humble... lol). 


As the babies bloom, we desperately created them a Water Bottle House. The succulents were planted onto the lid, and the bottle underneath keeps feeding them water, while we further decorated an underwater landscape with Marimos (Moss Ball Water Plant); and it seems like the Marimos are nursing our babies closely. Marimo always symbolizes blessing and love, hence, this terrarium definitely is a sweet planter for indoor. 


I hope our upcoming students won't feel our Water Bottle House as an expensive workshop, because every little baby was grown by us. And to recall the overall planting experience for over months, it has been a long journey that we kept watching them closely and put a lot of efforts in taking care of them. Especially, when we propagated these succulents, they might not grow perfectly, I guess it was about 60-70% success rate; yet, we believe we could do better in future. Anyways, what I am trying to say is,.. the succulents are really our babies, and we do hope that they will find a good home soon.


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September 7, 2017

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May 18, 2017

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