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Last Mother's Day weekend, our CraftBike has just begun its road trip at The Arcade in Cyberport! It brought over all crafting materials for our Crown Making Workshop.


Our team was so happy to see most families wore a smile while making the crown. Especially, when the papa and mama asked us if we have  physical shop location, and when/what is the next workshops so they could mark on their schedules; these questions really empowered me and my team, our efforts were totally paid off because of their enjoyments.


Although the workshop was to encourage the guests making a gift for mama, it pretty much ended up mama making a crown for the little ones. Anyways, these kids' happy faces probably became the greatest gifts on Mother's day. I still remember how I invited the little girl to sing a Happy Birthday song with me so we could give the glue a moment to dry, a very brilliant papa brainstormed with me to make a new style of crown for his baby princess, the two little bessies happily wore their crowns to fly. These memories are important and totally remarkable to me. I love crafting since the world has begun, to share my experiences and techniques with you was super fun and very meaningful to me! ​​


Lastly, we would like to thank you everyone who supported and participated in the workshop. Special thanks to the two ladies from The Arcade who gave us this opportunity, and the families who came all the way from New Territories really shocked us and we would like to express our sincerest appreciation. Again, thank you all, we hope you had a wonderful weekend, and our team look forward to serve you again in the near future ! The event's video is coming up soon, please stay tuned with us :) 











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