• Item is a DIY, materials only. Not a finished good
  • Price includes 1 set of 3 crafts
  • The crafts are random and we do not guraratee what will be inside
  • Provided stationary and utensils are included, and will be repeatly used throughout the Takeaway DIY Series.
  • Takeaway DIY Series monthly package is available with promotion, please contact 📲 Mom’s Hotline at WhatsApp (852) 5605-6019


School is still suspended and we have designed TAKEAWAY DIY to entertain the kids at home. Every craft includes a tutorial video, and you may further request an online 1on2 session with our teachers! 


Takeaway DIY Sets offer the following 3 age groups, if parents or adults will be crafting with the kids, they may choose a higher level to work with:

🌻Grade 1: Age 3-6

🌻Grade 2: Age 7-12




Takeaway DIY Series / Full Set

Which level that you need
    • Custom order item
    • No return or refund
    • Handmade with possible imperfections
    • Shipping:
      • Available in HK & US 

      • For delivery rate & other related information, please check out at FAQ

If you have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us and we look forward to listen your thoughts! 

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