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Giftcard entitles recipients to purchase any merchandises or services, which include discounted items or services, at WMG Partners’ business. Recipients may shop at more than one WMG Partners’ businesses until all prepaid credits are redeemed from the giftcard.


Besides, recipients can also use the credits at WeMakeGift’s

  • Workshop accepts bookings from giftcard credit, please kindly WhatsApp (852)2554-8952 /or email to to reserve directly.
  • Studio shop accepts customers to purchase through giftcard.
  • Online shop currently does not accept giftcard at the moment.


    • No return or refund
    1. Giftcard’s credit(s) is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
    2. After expiration, any unused credits will not be refunded.
    3.  Recipients are required to show the giftcard (physical or electronic form) at purchase.
    4. After each transaction, WMG will send a transaction report to both recipient and partner to ensure the transaction is accurate and proceeded.
    5. To avoid fraudulent usage, recipients shall not expose the giftcard identification number.
    6. Giftcard’s credit(s) will not be refunded if lost or fraudulently used.
    7. Giftcard credit(s) is not exchangeable or refundable for cash.
    8. WeMakeGift reserves the rights to vary the terms and conditions without prior notice.
    9. In case of disputes, WeMakeGift reserves the right of final decisions.


    Updated on 17-Nov-2016

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